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Posted on Tue, 17 Jun 14

Organic diet drops pesticides by 90%

Organically grown foods are considerably lower in potentially toxic, synthetic chemicals like pesticides and for the first time a study has shown that switching to organic food can reduce your pesticide levels, fast.

Recently the effect of a 7-day organic diet on organophosphate pesticide (OP) exposure was studied for the first time in adults (1).

During the study a group of 23 adults were asked to source organic foods and consume as close to 100% organic produce as possible, then their urinary markers of OP exposure were compared levels while eating their normal conventional diet.

The research showed that changing to a predominately organic diet resulted in a dramatic reduction in urinary markers of OP exposure of about 90% compared to the conventional diet.

This important study adds weight to the idea that an organic diet can rapidly reduce OP exposure and allow your body to quickly eliminate these toxins.

Research has found that exposure to OPs is very common in the general population and can have important adverse effects, such as impairing brain development in children, and increasing the risk for a number of serious chronic diseases in adults (2,3).

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