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Posted on Sun, 14 Feb 16

Rhodiola quickly relieves stress and anxiety

A clinical study has found that the herbal remedy Rhodiola rosea helps to reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, anger, confusion and depression within just 14 days.

Rhodiola rosea is a popular herb for reducing symptoms of fatigue and stress related symptoms such as depression and anxiety. Adding to a long traditional history of use and considerable scientific study, another report has confirmed anti-stress and mood enhancing effects.  

Eighty mildly anxious people were randomly assigned to either Rhodiola rosea extract (2x 200mg, taken before breakfast and lunch) or a control (no treatment) for 14-days (1). Compared to the control group those taking Rhodiola reported a significant reduction in anxiety, stress, anger, confusion and depression as well as a significant improvement in overall mood. 

The reduction in mild anxiety seen in this study is supported by a previous clinical trial in which Rhodiola rosea (340mg of extract daily for 10-weeks) helped to reduce more severe symptoms in people with generalized anxiety disorder (2).  


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