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Posted on Sun, 8 Apr 12

Natural hay fever relief with bromelain

Bromelain, an enzyme from pineapple fruit, has been shown to relieve hay fever or sinusitis in a number of human clinical studies by working as a natural antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and decongestant.

A popular treatment for hay fever for many years, bromealin has demonstrated anti-allergic activity in the lungs and airways (1).

Clinical studies in the 1960s found that bromelain can reduce sinusitis and hay fever symptoms (2-4).

In one such study 85% of people taking bromelain had complete resolution of breathing difficulties and airway inflammation compared to just 53% and 40% in the placebo group respectively (2).

A more recent study in children with acute sinusitis found that bromelain reduced the duration of symptoms and sped up recovery compared with usual care (5).

Apart from people with known pineapple allergy, bromelain is safe and free of any known side effects. For the best results take 750-1,000 mg daily in divided doses between meals (6).


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