Vitamin D

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Home Vitamin D Test Kit

About the test:

  • Direct to the public simple Vitamin D blood spot test.
  • Do-it-yourself finger prick test, no painful blood draw, or visit to pathology lab required.
  • For detection of vitamin D deficiency and monitoring of supplemented levels.
  • Test measures total 25(OH)D, the best single measure of overall vitamin D status.

How it works:

  • Request a collection pack by phone
  • Pay using a debit or credit card at the time you order
  • Packs will be sent to you by first class post
  • Follow the instructions to collect the sample
  • Use the reply paid envelope to return to us
  • We aim to have a result to you in 5 working days from the time we receive your sample
  • You receive results as a pdf attached to an email with a clear interpretation of your results

Example report:

sample vitamin D home test report


The Vitamin D Solution: A 3-Step Strategy to Cure Our Most Common Health Problems

Learning about vitamin D from Michael Holick is like learning the art of magic from Harry Houdini. Greatly reducing the likelihood chronic degenerative disease such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes (and many more) is easier than you think once you know the secret. Although no supplement, diet, exercise, or lifestyle change can completely eliminate risk, The Vitamin D Solution will give you incredibly powerful, life-altering information that's as easy as getting some sensible sun exposure or popping a safe, inexpensive pill.

Michael Holick, the world's leading expert on vitamin D, is your guide on this journey of discovery. His pioneering efforts in that field go back to his days as a graduate student when he synthesized the active form of vitamin D, finding it to have extraordinarily powerful therapeutic effects. His contributions as both a scientist and practitioner have made profound advances in every aspect of vitamin D research. Dr. Holick has been a tireless researcher, advocate, author, educator, and legendary lecturer for over 30 years. He stands as the most prolific author of articles published in peer-reviewed medical journals including the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.

Vitamin D UV-B Lamp - Dermafix 3000

Product Features

  • Allows skin to produce extra Vitamin D
  • Discreet and simple for home use
  • Fitted with 2 x 36 Watt UVB Vitamin D tubes as standard.
  • Includes digital LCD timer
  • Includes UV protective glasses