Acne and Healthy Skin

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Lumie Clear Acne Light Therapy Treatment System

Product Features

  • Treatment for mild to moderate acne, without the side effects of drugs and creams
  • Blue LEDs kill acne bacteria while red LEDs reduce inflammation and heal the skin
  • 15 minutes close up use each day to see a real difference within four weeks
  • Features timer, adjustable hands-free stand to treat wider area and detachable head for close-up
  • Developed with dermatology experts, clinically proven, certified Medical Device (class 2a)

The Clear Skin Diet: How to Defeat Acne and Enjoy Healthy Skin

"The Clear Skin Diet" is a practical volume designed to help those who suffer from acne to understand what it is, why they have it, what it has to do with their diet, and what they can do to lessen its impact or prevent it all together.It also provides readers with detailed, easy to digest information on the food groups that can promote or protect against acne and mind-body interventions that can influence acne producing hormones, as well as fifty tasty, acne-prevention recipes.

Your Skin, Younger

"Your Skin, Younger" presents clear, scientific evidence about the skin's aging process and how it is directly impacted by diet, stress, intestinal function, even cooking techniques, and reveals what you can do to reverse those effects for nourished, younger-looking skin, naturally.

Loaded with delicious recipes, creative food preparation techniques, stress-busters, exercise and personal training tips, and other habits that promote sound, restful, restorative sleep and better overall skin care, it is the one-stop resource for expert, need-to-know advice from some of the world's leading dermatology and nutrition experts.

"Your Skin, Younger" also exposes many skin care myths and the major chemical offenders in cosmetics and topical skin care products, as well as what to look for and what to avoid in oral dietary supplements and topical ingredients.